A Beautiful Beach

beachA while back we wrote about the bogs that had floated in to our swimming area at Musana.  Well they never did float away, and over the past several months we have set out to clear them away.  In the process we have started beautifying what we know will be one of the favorite activity areas at camp… our beach.  Medie hired some men to dig the bog all out and burn it—it has taken quite some time and it is still not done.  However, the part that has been cleared is looking fantastic.  The World Racers did a lot of initial clearing, and after they left MC staff continued.  In July the Calvary Team put the finishing touches on the first section with lots of leveling and grass planting.  As we continue to work on the beach continues to look better and is going to be an even bigger draw for the camp—for activities as well as a quiet place to spend time with the Lord