An Unexpected Trip


In an earlier post, we mentioned that Syd got in on the doctor/medical action as well this “summer”.  Since 2011, we have noticed a raspiness in his voice—not a particularly urgent problem it seemed.  And we really only started to notice it because of going back to the states.  As we would see people for the first time, they would often ask if he had a cold or if he was losing his voice.

To make a long story short, after several doctor visits in the US and then eventually here in Uganda  it turns out that the raspiness was attributed to a small growth on his vocal cord.  We are so glad that we got it checked before it got much bigger!  The doctors here all recommended that we go back to the states for the procedure as the equipment and methods of removing it here  are not up-to-date.  So that is our plan—Syd is scheduled for an appointment on August 22 and follow-up surgery on August 23.  The one major variable in this is whether or not the growth is cancerous.  However, the majority of doctors that we have seen or talked to all tend to think that it is not cancerous.  We definitely hope and pray that they are correct.  As we have been learning all summer long, we know that whatever the outcome, we can trust our loving, all-wise, all-powerful Heavenly Father.

Through some discussions with our mission leadership, we finally decided that all of us would return with Syd for a month.  We are not planning on making any trips though and we are trying to keep visiting to a minimum (as much as we would LOVE to visit lots of people) so that Syd can recover well and we can put some time into our family and kids in particular.  In addition, Syd will be able to work on some writing projects for the camp.

As you think of it, please join us in praying for a successful operation and full recovery for Syd.  We look forward to our furlough sometime in the middle to latter part of 2014 in which we will be able to visit with friends and family so much more.