IY and EYO


In Uganda, acronyms are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  UTODA, UCF, NSSF, etc, etc, etc.  Anyway, the title of this post are the acronyms for 2 groups that came out to camp in August – Investment Year and Emmanuel Youth Outreach.  Both of these groups are from Kasana Children’s Center and they came for a week of helping out the camp and reaching out to the village of Nalamuli.  We were still at camp during the IY retreat.  It was fun to have 30 youth around to continue working on the beach.  It went really quickly for us though as that was our last week at camp—we actually left a day before the group left.  The photo above is of the IY group clearing the forest.

We had been waiting and looking forward to the second group, EYO, coming for several years…and then we missed it because of our trip back to the states!  We’ve heard from staff at camp that the week went really well.  I think that everyone was tired out by the end (staff especially!)  Now they have a couple of days rest before some go back to Kasana for the NHU (New Hope Uganda :) ) Homecoming/family-reunion.  Please be praying for the Homecoming Celebration, as former children and staff of NHU come back “home”….that the Lord will be working in hearts.  The photos below are the EYO group clearing the grass and weeds off of the sandy beach.