Throughout these years in Uganda, we have always been amazed at how God will send certain people to fill a need for a season…many times, even before we know it is a need!  He did it again when He sent Syd’s sister, Keisha, to live with us these past 2 ½ months.  We were really looking forward to her being with us and I was even looking forward to the extra help, knowing that we were expecting our 3rd child.

Well, 2 weeks after she arrived (which had given the kids enough time to get to know her again!) I had a miscarriage which included a 11pm run to Kampala because of complications.  While I was in the hospital, she was able to stay with the kids at our friends’ house in Kampala.  Two weeks later, we were back for an emergency procedure when Eva got a piece of a peanut stuck in her lung.  Again, we were INCREDIBLY grateful for her help and presence.  Then it was more doctors appointments for Syd as well as a girl from our area, more hosting teams and groups, and even helping with maize harvest.  In the midst of everything, Keisha did hours and hours of dishes, helped immensely with our kids, and painted a BEAUTIFUL mural in our living room.

We don’t know what we would have done without Keisha!  God is so good.  It was so good to be able to spend all of that time together—a rare privilege in life.  Things like jobs and school usually get in the way :)

Although this summer had its fair share of challenges, God was teaching us a lot about trusting Him.  Between those lessons and having Keisha living with us, we definitely will never look back on these months in a negative light, despite the many challenges.  Thank you, Keisha!