Luke and Maria

Luke-and-MariaWe had the fun privilege of having a couple from Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I worked and met at) come out to Musana Camps at the beginning of August.  Like we wrote recently about Keisha coming, we are always blessed to see how God provides people to help in times of need…even when we don’t know ahead of time that it is a time of need!  Luke and Maria had been planning for months to come at the time they did—which ended up being right before and during the IY retreat, and right after the Jacksons came back from furlough.  What we didn’t know months before is that we would be leaving for the states right at the end of the IY retreat.  Luke and Maria stepped in significantly during the IY retreat—leading devotions, leading a lot of the games, lifeguarding…all things that freed up Syd to get things ready to leave.  It also allowed the Jacksons a bit more time to ease in and gave Medie and Eva time to work ahead on some of the upcoming retreats.  They also jumped in eagerly to help the IY students with the beach clean-up project.  They were a huge blessing to have at camp, and it was a blast spending time with them.  On top of coming, they organized to have a friend (from CFS) make some climbing holds for Musana with donations from other friends from CFS–so neat!  Anyway, we now have everything needed to put together a climbing wall for the camp…now for the time to get it built!!