Thanks for all that have been praying for Syd’s surgery.  We are very grateful for the Lord’s hand in this whole process.  The surgery went well…although longer than the doctor expected.  The growth, which the doctors thought was pretty small, ended up being much bigger when they actually got down to it.  It was between the size of a nickel and a quarter and covered  2/3 of his airway.  He never realized that his breathing was impaired in any way, but he now feels like he can breathe much easier—hopefully he will even feel more rested in the mornings from now on!

We just got a partial pathology report today.  They’ve confirmed that the growth is not cancer, BUT, they can’t figure out what it is…or what is causing it.  So they have sent the growth on for further testing at a more specialized lab.  The doctor thinks that from now on, Syd will have to have his throat examined 1-2 times a year to check for new growths.  We are really grateful that we came back to the states to have this dealt with and were thankful for a great doctor that worked on Syd.  We have many more reasons to be thankful.  We see so much more clearly the Lord’s grace in our lives, His deep love and care, and the reassurance and peace that He is sovereign and we can put all of our trust in Him.



  1. Been praying for you guys! Thanks for the update!
    Jenn & Lou