SAM_0631As our airplane hit the ground in Entebbe, we had a sweet feeling of being back “home” where we belong for now in life. As much as we don’t enjoy the busyness/craziness of Kampala (the capital city that we have to drive through to get home), I even found myself enjoying it that day as it was just familiar.

It was great to get back to camp and see everyone that night as there had been a football tournament hosted by Musana that day (it was Independence Day), and they were ending the day with a celebration dinner. Malachi and Eva had a blast running around with their friends John, Hannah, and Emma again.

It was an easy transition back as we really hadn’t been gone long…just a lot of catch up, particularly with accounts. We got a new accountant, Isaac, a few days before we left for the states, so you can imagine all that there was to go over! We are so blessed to be an arm of a bigger organization though (New Hope Uganda), that helps us out in different ways. The head accountant, Sam, had come out to the camp several times while we were away to help Isaac learn different things. Isaac is a great find for us with a soft, teachable heart and joyful spirit. He has been willing to jump in and help with anything…not just sticking to his accounting.

Otherwise, we are enjoying getting to know some other new staff that came while we were gone – Baguma Moses (a young man who grew up at Kasana; Medie’s nephew who we knew from before) and Kevin and Angela Blank (here from New York to help with construction). We have really been blessed by all of these guys and are excited to continue working with them all.