Still “here”

Dr's-OfficeOur initial return date (September 21) came and went without us getting on an airplane to head back to Uganda–a strange feeling!  Several days before we had finally received results from labwork done on Syd’s “mystery tumor”–it was a rare thing called laryngeal amyloidosis.  Because there could possibly be a link to bone marrow cancer or this could be in other parts/organs of his body, we decided on the doctors recommendation to do a few more tests.  Because of the extra testing we had to bump back our fly date.  We are grateful for an amazing travel agent who was able to make the switch without any hassle!

We were extremely grateful when all of the tests came back showing the rest of his body is clear–the growth on Syd’s vocal box seems to be a lone occurrence.  The Oncologist that we saw called it a “rare bird” and “fluke” at one point.  As Syd was reading some information on the disease he read that there have only been several dozen cases of this reported since it was first reported back in the 1800’s.  So it is definitely rare!  As we move ahead there is a possibility that it will come back so we just have to keep checking it regularly, which we can do from Uganda.

We can’t know for sure what God’s intentions have been, but we can imagine that maybe the Lord just had this happen in order to work on our hearts, minds, and faith in Him.  This has ended up being a sweet period of trusting in the Lord, walking closely with Him, and enjoying His skillful teaching and molding in areas of our faith, our family, and our “work”.  Even the extension was a blessing in allowing us to do several other things both as a family and work related that would be hard to accomplish from Uganda.  And we have been taken care of so well by our church here–the Lord has definitely orchestrated everything!!

All that said, we are very excited to  get back to Musana and catch up with everyone there.  They have been busy with several retreats including the New Hope Uganda board coming out.  There are a few new people added to our numbers while we have been gone – Kevin and Angela Blank (short term help with construction) and Baguma Moses (Construction Assistant).  We are looking forward to getting to know them better!

We fly Monday, October 7, which happens to be Eva’s 2nd birthday!!  Definitely a fun way to celebrate :)  So next time we write it will be from the other side…

Until then…