Musana Kitchen


We are extremely blessed by recent donations that have come in to complete the Musana Camps Kitchen!!  We are blown away by the Lord’s provision (why should we be, though?  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills!  He is more than able) and so grateful for the people that He provided through and have just recently started construction.  And not sure if we wrote this earlier, but in the past couple of months, He has also brought in the remaining money to finish the clinic so shortly after we finish the Kitchen we will finish the clinic!  We are so blessed to be part of something that the Lord is growing, and are so grateful for the lessons in faith along the way.

The construction crew recently finished a small addition on one of the wings of the Musana workshop (where the construction crews will live throughout the years; otherwise they have to rent housing from Gaba, a 45 minute walk away),


as well as a new guard house at the MC gate.  The termites had just about conquered the old wooden one.


Anyway, they have been working on the kitchen as of this past week and a half.  It is exciting to see the walls going up!  We are hoping to have it finished by the time our January group of 120 comes!