Thanksgiving x 3


We enjoyed a few great times of celebration recently.  A week before Thanksgiving, we had to say good-bye to our IY’s, Faith and Anthony.  They were a blessing in the few months that they were with us, so we wanted to honor them with a celebration dinner.   It was neat to have a sharing time to be able to bless and encourage them as they left this place.  And it was good to hear the ways that the Lord had used this place to grow them.

On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed our 2nd annual Musana Thanksgiving with all of our “program” staff (about 20 of us all together).  Our under-ground turkey roast failed which meant that our 4:00 meal turned into a 7:00 meal.  But that extra time gave us the chance to hang out and play games together.  After the meal, we all enjoyed looking through pictures from the year, seeing all that God had done.


Our celebration was cut short because of the time (and little kids in the mix), but we picked it up again in our service on Sunday :)
.  It was great to share our hearts and sing song after song of worship from thankful hearts.  There is something powerful in having a continuously thankful spirit and sharing our thanks to God in a corporate setting—somehow the bad days don’t seem as bad.  I’m so grateful for the Thanksgiving holiday that reminds us once again to be thankful always.