Community Outreach

DSC_0149After attempting time and again to hold a youth outreach for a specific school in the area, we succeeded…although not with the school that we had originally had in mind!  That school had gotten so busy with end-of-year review and exams and they kept having to postpone.  However, about 30 young kids from Nalamuli were able to come up last Wednesday afternoon (Dec 11).

Because of different things going on, it ended up being mainly us staff wives and Mwanje who ran the outreach.  It was a blessing to be able to share the gospel story (using the wordless balloons from Calvary!) and love on these young kids.  And Malachi, Eva, John and Hannah all enjoyed playing games with the kids.

Since moving here, we have known that it would be great if someone would do a regular teaching time (Sunday School, etc.) for the kids down there, but so far it just hasn’t happened.  We are excited that the Blanks are really wanting to start something along those lines with our staff member, Mwanje.  It’s encouraging seeing our team build out here and the Lord bringing people with different strengths!