The kids


Thought we’d include some pictures of the kids and give a little update on how they are doing.  Malachi (now 4) loves playing legos, chasing off the “bad guys” with John, helping Daddy or Lukabya dig in the garden, looking at books, and helping me in the kitchen (although I still think that his desire to help in the kitchen is mainly rooted in a desire to taste whatever we are making!).  We have started some pretty basic “school” stuff for him which he enjoys for the most part.  We have started learning one hymn each week (I can’t put that part of my roots behind me, no matter what culture we live in!), which he REALLY gets into.  And we are working a lot on his alphabet as we memorize a verse for each letter…and his numbers as we play cars :)

Eva is talking all the time now (it is usually understandable sentences) and loves doing whatever Malachi is doing.  She loves helping with dishes, digging around in the sand, and swinging on the tire swing that Syd and the kids just put up.  She is often singing some song…usually Jesus Loves Me.  She enjoys playing with Emma (Sarah, the camp cook’s, little boy) and sometimes decides to tag along with Malachi, John, and Hannah.  She is still at the age where she likes to stick pretty close to Mom or Dad.  I think that Eva is picking up more luganda than Malachi because of her age.  The other day she was telling me to say “webale ku JOB” to someone…her own mix of a language!  She took “webale kuja” (thank you for coming) and mixed it with “good job”.  We hope that they will learn lots and lots of Luganda…and then pass it on to us!!

They both teach us so much, and we are grateful that the Lord has given them to us!  Thanks for all who pray for them!


  1. Have I ever told you how stinking ADORABLE your kids are? Have I? HAVE I????