A Christmas Surprise!!


Christmas this year turned out a lot different than we were expecting…in a good way!  As we were starting to serve lunch at our annual staff Christmas party, the Jacksons pulled up with the camp pick-up (which had an enclosed back), telling us to come over to see what was inside—Syd’s family had sent a gift.  We opened the door to find ALL 6 OF SYD’S FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!  They had been planning this surprise (with the Jackson’s help) for almost 8 months, and we didn’t have a clue!  It was so much fun to have everyone around for 2 weeks…very surreal!  Syd’s Dad and sister, Keisha (who was with us for 3 months this summer), stayed an extra 2 weeks, finishing up some projects and helping with our camp this past week.  Talk about an amazing Christmas gift—this is definitely a Christmas that we won’t forget :)




In the midst of the excitement of them being here, we were able to continue with a couple of our Musana traditions.  With the staff that were around, we distributed some “Christmas basins” to needy people in our community.  The basins were filled with food items for a Christmas meal, a very important part of Christmas for Ugandans.  One of the ladies that we gave a basin to in Nalamuli joined us for our Christmas Eve campfire service that evening.  It was neat to hear her testimony of praising God for His provision for her.  We are so thankful too for God’s provisions for us, the biggest one being in the giving of His Son.  Much too often we take for granted the amazing gifts that our Father has given to us.  Praying that we will remember to be more thankful this year and to daily be amazed at the blessings we have in Christ!