KBC Camp


For a month and a half, we (especially the construction staff!) were feverishly working to prepare camp for a youth camp (from Kampala Baptist Church) at the beginning of January.  The leader had told us that they would bring anywhere from 100-150, the largest group that we had ever hosted.  More picnic tables were made, further water infrastructure was put in, a water filtration system was built, we began constructing our permanent kitchen amongst many other things.


In the end, 101 students came, full of energy and at varying stages in their walks with the Lord.  Staff here worked together really well, and the KBC leaders did a great job leading the group.  In the end, 73 of the 101 made decisions for Christ!  Several of them were giving their lives to Christ for the first time, while about half of the decisions were recommitments to Christ.  The remaining ones were committing to be involved in ministry in some way.  We praise the Lord for how He worked, and are humbled to be part of His work in these youth’s lives.