Maize Harvest

This past week was harvest time for our maize fields.  It ended up taking the better part of 3 days with 10-15 people helping each day.  The kids and I put in a few hours…hopefully it made a dent!  It was so interesting thinking about the difference in harvesting between our 2 cultures (especially as I was talking with Kristen who grew up on a farm).  Here, so much is done by hand unless it is a huge, corporate farm for sugar cane, wheat, etc.  Without a tractor, it was hard to tell (especially with all of the bush and banana plants that grow within crops so quickly!) if there were any recognizeable rows.  We went through with a nail, pen, knife, etc., husking the maize right as we took it off the stalk, then piling it to be picked up later and brought up to the camp workshop with our camp truck.  We are grateful for a good harvest though and will look forward to eating more posho at lunches these next few months!