Staff Coming and Going

We have a bad habit of writing drafts of posts and then letting them sit for months!  This was originally written at the beginning of December.  I added a few notes in bold to update what we had already written…


We recently mentioned a new family coming, KB and Angela Blank.  It’s been a blessing have the extra help for Nathan in construction during this busy time of building.  Their heart for serving in whatever way possible and for outreach in the area is so appreciated as well.  Please pray for them as they are in the process of pursuing fostering a set of 5 siblings, 4 and under (2 sets of twins)!!  Angela has started a Sunday School at Musana Church over the past couple of months.  It has been going really well…20 to 30 kids from Nalamuli come up each Sunday!  They are currently using New Tribes Mission’s “Creation to Christ” curriculum for kids.  Please pray for these kids to embrace the truth that they are hearing each Sunday!



Around the same time that they arrived, we hired another construction staff member, Baguma Moses (Baggie).  He grew up at Kasana and is a nephew to Medi.  He has had a very teachable heart and has been fun to have around.   In addition to construction, he also will help a lot with groups as he has a strong love for the Lord and people, as well as being gifted in music.  Please pray for him as he has had a number of health concerns lately.  He has actually missed working most of November as some medicine he was on was found to basically be poisoning his liver!  He has had a long recovery, but we are hoping to get him back soon.  Baggie is back with us now and has enjoyed the busy construction season, especially with all of the teams here now.



Just this week we added another family to our mix!  Kevin and Shellie Rees and their 5 children (Seth, Emma, Abby, Nate, and Jocyln) arrived to take on a pastoral role (and nursing for Shellie!) here at Musana.  Kevin will be the pastor for the MC church as well as overseeing teaching for groups, staff spiritual health, and building up pastors and the community.  They are with us for December and then headed to Kasana for 5 months to attend NHICF.

Kanyike 3


With all of the staff coming, we are sad to see Medie and Eva leaving for a month and a half, but excited for the reason that they are going!!  They are expecting their first child on December 17.  I think that all of the mothers at Kasana will be relieved when Eva gets to Kasana safe and sound tomorrow (they will be delivering from Kiwoko Hospital).  They all wish that she had come sooner!  Medie and Eva arrived back on a Friday and by Monday evening she went into labor!  We are happy to have them back at camp now with baby Jesse.  He is a sweet baby and much loved around here!