At the end of January, we began a season of lots of short-termers coming through Musana.  Jesse is here for 4 months to do an internship for his college degree.  We knew him a bit from working at Camp Forest Springs, but are enjoying getting to know him a lot better now.  He has been fitting in really well too.  He will be helping with various projects to help meet the requirements of his internship.  His main project though is getting some of the low ropes elements put in on our challenge course.  We are really excited to see this happen and thankful that he chose to come here for his internship!

Kristen has joined us for a month to help in various ways.  She has been a blessing and has been great at building relationships with staff and community people in the short time that she has been here.  She is great with kids, and has been a big help to Angela in working with the kids from Nalamuli and helping with Sunday School.