Canada, Montana, and South Dakota Teams


We’ve been more than negligent lately in updating our blog.  So we are trying to post several updates…no matter how old the news is!  After the EBC team, we were blessed with 3 other teams throughout March.

A team of 4 (one of the members being a 1-year old!) came for a few weeks to help with various welding projects as well as helping us to organize medical supplies, create some community health teaching sessions, and other things.  It was fun having this team as Josh and Ruth, the team leaders, had been to the camp 3 ½ years ago for a short visit.

At the same time, a team of 3 from Montana came to do some finish work in the clinic and do maintenance on different vehicles and machinery.  One of our friends, Dave was with this team, so it was great spending time with him (and the other 2!) and sharing our lives, joys, and struggles for a bit.


A little while after those 2 teams left, we hosted Dr. Trimble, an eye doctor, his 2 sons, and an assistant from SD.  It was great to be able to offer eye care to our community.  It was fun to see the excitement for some of the people who walked into the clinic barely able to see, but walked out with restored vision, thanks to glasses for the first time in their life!  At the same time, Steven, a new employee of NHUM, came for a visit and to take aerial video footage of the camp with a remote control “helicopter”.  Syd had a lot of fun working with him and they are excited to turn some of the raw footage into promotional materials in the future.


We are so thankful for all of the teams that blessed Musana these past few months.  At times when people come to visit, they comment on how much has been done in this place in the years since it has been opened.  We always respond that the Lord has used a lot of different people, from short-termers, to volunteer teams, to those who give to the camp in one way or another.  We are truly grateful!