From January until May, we had the privilege of having Jesse (a past acquaintance from Camp Forest Springs) here at Musana.  We say privilege as he was a blessing in many different ways.  He was here to do his internship for university…a new venture for us (to be the facilitators for a university internship).  His big project was working starting to build the camp challenge course.  With help along the way (people hired locally and then Dan and Ben, our other short-termers), he was able to clear an area that was completely bush and do lots of dirtwork and landscaping with large rocks to make a fantastic area for us to put up our low ropes course.  Of course, things always take longer than you think they will, so we didn’t actually get the ropes course put in, but that will come!

Jesse helped in numerous other ways around camp and became good friends with many of the staff here.  Thank you so much for everything Jesse… we hope to see you back soon!