We finally launched our ROPES (Right Of Passage ExperienceS) program here at Musana.  A group of P7 students from Kasana Children’s Center came for a jam-packed 4 days.  There were several designed challenges for them to pass through giving them guided time with the Lord evaluating their lives and the direction in which they are headed.  Throughout the last day, the boys worked on making a “mulalo stick”, a special stick used by herdsmen (shepherds) and symbolic as men in this culture, and the ladies made tie-dyed tablecloths, a symbol of being a woman and caring for others and a home.  The whole goal is for this to be a launch pad from being boys and girls to being young men and women with a focus and target of godliness.



The camp went well, although we don’t have any particular testimonies to share.  The Kasana staff who came and did much of the teaching are excited to have this experience to refer back to throughout the year…reminding the class to turn from childish tendencies and step up into young manhood and young womahood in a God-honoring way.  We are excited to continue this program and improve it as time goes on.  Thanks to all who prayed for this event!