Staff Envisioning and Foreign Staff Retreat

Envisioning2In our current lull of groups, we have been able to have or go to some events that are focused on staff enrichment/development.  First was our staff envisioning time.  For months Syd had been planning on having this, but things kept popping up making us push it off further.  When it finally happened (mid-May), we were happy to have the Dangers join us for a day so that Jay could do a fair amount of the teaching.  We have such a mix of staff; because we welcomed even our security guards and garden workers to come, some of the attendees were not even believers as far as we know.  Jay did a great job of bringing us to the Word and reminding everyone of why we are here both on this earth, as well as specifically at Musana Camps.  The second day was spent touching on more practical issues.


It’s funny how you can come away from something both encouraged and discouraged.  We felt that overall it went well, but some of the questions posed at the end made us realize that hearts had not been changed quite as much as we had hoped.  We had been looking at this time as a great opportunity to bring everyone on the same page, but unfortunately, there were some few who were still looking at what they WEREN’T getting by working here versus what they WERE getting.  So we are praying for wisdom as we continue moving this cross-cultural ministry forward, striving to do so in a way that God is glorified and people are changed by Him!


We were grateful for the timing of the Foreign Staff Retreat this year.  It was a great time to connect with the other western staff at the NHU sites, be fed from God’s Word, talk through difficult cultural issues, and relax a little together.  We came back to camp with some fresh perspectives and look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in the next year here.