ROPES Training


July 7-10 was our ROPES training time.  You probably have heard us throw that term around here and there.  ROPES (Rights of Passage ExperienceS) is a program that is run in Kenya by a group called Tanari Trust.  They have put a lot of labor and experience into creating a year-long program that takes adolescent age young people from being children to stepping into young adulthood.  Syd and Medi discovered this program back in 2012 and immediately were excited as it fits so well with Musana’s vision of teaching biblical manhood and womanhood.

Anyway, Syd was able to organize to have 3 “trainers” from Tanari come for a week.  We invited key people from Kasana as well as several other organizations that had shown interest in the past.  About 40 of us (Musana staff included) gathered for this 3 day training.


It was great for everyone to hear their philosophy and vision (from them and not us!), and it got some really good conversations going.  The participants who came were excited to start implementing this program; now it is just a question of working out details and logistics (of which there are many!).  There is a ROPES manual that outlines different lessons that are hit on during the year.  The year culminates in a week at camp…which is where Musana comes in.  This week at camp is not just an ordinary camp week; in some ways it is like spiritual boot-camp for the participants (with lots of experiential learning), in an effort to make it a truly transitional experience.  It was neat to hear the stories from the Tanari Trust trainers of campers who had come as a child, but truly left as changed, young adults, ready to responsibly live for the Lord.

Please be praying for us as we seek to begin implementing this program.  Pray for unity as we work out the details, and mostly for the Lord’s clear leading each step of the way.