The Word

IMG_0476Lately, I have enjoyed getting involved in a ladies bible study for staff as well as the surrounding community.  Through that and studying the Bible with Robinah, the lady who has worked for us for several years, I have realized how much I have taken for granted my upbringing.  Between my parents’ teaching, growing up in solid, bible-teaching churches (with Sunday School and programs like AWANA), attending bible camp, going to Christian school 7th-12th grade, and then going to Bible college, I have been incredibly blessed with a solid foundation in God’s truth.

Here in the village, pastors do NOT always teach truth (they manipulate scripture at times to fit what they want to say), many people don’t have Bibles, or don’t know how to read or study them, and there aren’t extra reading/study materials available in the local language.  We are so blessed by the resources and teaching that are at our fingertips in the US!  We are praying that Musana Camps will make a big impact in this area as we seek to lead people in truth, teaching them how to study His Word for themselves.  We pray that we can help Christianity go from being “inch deep” to “miles deep” in this area!