Too Heavy for a Seatbelt

HeavyThought I would share a little funny story from our life here.  The other week, we were driving home from Kampala from a midwife appointment and some other errands.  We had just made our final stop at the produce market and were on the dirt road on the way home.  We were surprised to see a traffic officer along the road (usually they are on the paved roads, not the side roads)…and I immediately “panicked” inside as I hadn’t put my seatbelt on yet.  As you might be aware, the laws about seatbelts are a LOT less strict here.  Kids don’t need to be in car seats, and you don’t need to have a seatbelt on UNLESS you are the driver or sitting in the front passenger seat…which I was.


I knew that if I reached up quickly to put my seatbelt on, the lady cop would notice (as she was already waving for us to pull over), so I figured I had better just leave it and hope for the best…the whole time knowing that I was in the wrong.  As she came up to the window she was glaring, you could tell that she was out to get us…and the first thing that she started to mention was of course the seatbelt (which would have been the only thing that we were in the wrong for).  I knew I was guilty, so was getting ready to potentially have to be delayed by 1-2 hours while we went through the process of paying a ticket.


HOWEVER, as she continued to walk forward and then looked into the car,  we were astounded as her whole demeanor changed once shesaw my belly.  Mid-sentence she stopped herself and said, “Oh, but you are heavy!” (meaning that you are pregnant).  She started asking about our kids sitting in the back…was excited that I was carrying our 3rd child, etc., etc.  I apologized about not having my seatbelt on and started to buckle it, but she STOPPED me, saying that I should not wear the seatbelt since I am “heavy”.  Being pregnant came in handy that day!  Even with her admonition to NOT buckle up in my head, I have been buckling up on trips since then.  I have all of the safety talks from growing up in the states ingrained in me, and who knows if the next cop would feel the same way about seatbelts and “heaviness”!