IY Work Week and ROPES Camp



At the end of July into August we had 2 intense weeks of camp with this year’s Investment Year students from NHU.  It was an interesting mix of kids (most in their late teens) with an interesting reputation as a class.  Their leaders have struggled with the class’s attitudes throughout the year, with some significant issues that they have had to address.  So unfortunately, it was no surprise to them that the group left with a few less students than it came with. :(  The 2 weeks started off with a fair share of challenges, but as staff addressed different issues and tried to build into the students, we began to see attitudes change for the better.  In the end, we could see how the Lord was working in the students’ lives through this camp.  Praise the LORD!!DSC_7045

The first week was a “work week” for the group, and they did a number of service projects around camp: landscaping around main campsite and planting grass and helping to put in a couple of elements at our challenge course.  Coming off of our ROPES training week in July, it was exciting to implement ROPES camp the second week.  It went well and we were excited to see the students being positively challenged and impacted.  We have things to tweak for the future, but over time look forward to regularly running this dynamic camping program.