Road Construction!!!


Several months ago we started hearing rumors about a major road being built near Musana.  As we drove to town we started to see surveyors and lots of white “X’s” on houses and buildings marked for demolition.    Then one day we heard that construction was going to begin in August.  We couldn’t believe our eyes on our last trip to Kampala even though we knew it was started we were still surprised to see lots of dirt work and clearing already done along the way!  We have heard that the projected length of time for completion of the road is 3 years…but the company that won the bid (supposedly a company from Mississippi) is aiming for 2 years.  We’ll see what happens over these next couple of years…I think we are in for a ride.  Meanwhile, Malachi sure is enjoying gawking at all of the heavy equipment as we pass.


We can’t help but think of how the Lord leads and provides…paving the way for development so to speak.  Back at the beginning of the camp, a cell tower was put up one month after we moved to the camp giving us the ability to communicate in the crucial beginning stages.  This road will make a tremendous difference for us now as this project will pave the first 46 km of the 70km of gravel that we have had to travel.  After the paving is complete we will still have to negotiate our way over 24 km of gravel that can get tricky at times but we are thankful for the way the Lord has worked.  It is a huge answer to prayer for us.  We are praying that by the time that the road is completed that the Lord will have put more into place as far as staff and program development at Musana so that we will be ready for a greater influx of campers!  So neat to see His timing!