We are happy to say that we made it to Kampala with no sign of a baby coming yet :)  I definitely had a sense of relief that we weren’t going to be traveling on our “beautiful” roads while in labor!  Five years ago we were blessed to stay with our friends in Kampala, Jon and Jenny, while waiting for Malachi to be born.  This time around, we are blessed again by Jon and Jenny hooking us up with a place to stay–one of their co-workers has an apartment that he is currently not using as he is stateside to raise some funds for his ministry.  We are so thankful to be staying in his 2 bedroom apartment which is in a great location for getting to the hospital!!!  Thank you, Lord!  And thanks to our friends!

The due date for this baby is August 31, and our doctor is away until August 30, so we are sort of hoping the baby will come right on time :)  Meanwhile, Syd is making the most of good internet and “extra” time to get caught up on work projects that are hard to get to while at camp.  The kids are enjoying having lots of other kids to play with in our 10-apartment complex — we have neighbors from Pakistan, India, Korea, and of course Uganda!  We look forward to sending an update once this little one comes!