Heidi Kirabo Sparks

Heidi's-AnnouncementWe are excited to announce the birth of Heidi Kirabo Sparks.  She was born Saturday September 6th at 11:56am in Kampala Uganda, weighing 3kg or 6lbs 12oz and measuring 19 inches long.  Heidi means noble or kind and Kirabo is a Luganda word/name meaning “gift”.  Kirabo is pronounced kee-rah–boh or as they pronounce it locally chee-lah-boh.  Heidi is truly is a gift to us.  We realize more and more what a gift life is and what a miracle each child is. We pray that she will grow to be a kind hearted noble daughter of the King (Jesus). Both Heidi and Andrea are doing very well.


  1. Anne Connors says

    So very happy to see your family growing and growing and growing! Congratulations and surrounding you with prayer!