Family Visit!

DSC_7444 The timing of Syd’s Dad and my sister, Melissa, arriving in Uganda could not have been better. They flew in on a Friday night, and Heidi was born Saturday around noon! What a huge blessing to have them with us for the first 3 weeks of her life.


We all crammed in to our Kampala apartment for a few days while Syd got Heidi’s birth certificate process going, and then we headed to the camp for the remainder of their time. Syd’s Dad managed to get a bunch of welding projects done in the midst of holding his new granddaughter and playing with Malachi and Eva. Melissa was a huge help in our transition to a family of 5…especially as I ended up with a crazy week-long headache (sinusitis) that I couldn’t shake without antibiotics and rest. God’s provision is always amazing!


While they were with us, we got to celebrate Malachi’s birthday. For a year now, he has talked about wanting a cheetah birthday cake…so we tried our best! He enjoyed having friends over to celebrate him turning 5. Eva turned 3 the beginning of October. Her cake was a bit easier to make…strawberry shortcake! The hardest part was making sure that there were enough strawberries to gather from our garden. :)


Anyway, we were sad to see our family go, but it made it a bit easier knowing that we would see them again in a few months when back in the states for home assignment.