Goal Setting

SAM_1012Camp has been pretty quiet as of late. While we were in Kampala, the place was busy with various groups, but since we got back, there has only been one retreat…and that was while we were still on maternity/paternity leave! Several families have come to stay in the guesthouse and we are getting ready for a men’s retreat for a church from Kampala at the end of October.

In the meantime, Syd is working with staff on planning out goals, budgets, etc. for this coming year. It has been good to take a critical look at what the Lord is doing here and how we sense Him leading this place forward. We are truly grateful for all that He did this past year, and all of the people who He used to accomplish those things…from significant retreats that happened, to significant building projects, to staff that joined us, to people who have chosen to generously give to this ministry, to people who faithfully stand with us in prayer. Thank you!!!