Passports and birth certificates

DSC_7264As of now, we have plans to return to the states for a visit at the end of November. The “as of now” statement is crucial because getting Heidi’s passport is going to be a little “nip and tuck”. To get her passport, we have to take her Ugandan birth certificate to the US embassy, file a “Consular Report of Birth Abroad” and then apply for her passport. Getting a valid passport photo for a newborn is tricky enough, but the process to get a valid Ugandan birth certificate has proven to be a headache.


When Malachi was born, Syd spent a solid 3-4 days after his birth, chasing the right documents, going to offices for the correct stamps, etc. So this time around, we brought our paperwork to another mission organization in Kampala that has done immigration-type paperwork for us before. We left our papers in capable hands, but they have had to submit the birth certificate information 4 different times in order to get the correct information printed on it! Now that we have the birth certificate, we will submit it to the embassy tomorrow October 27th and hope that the 2-week turn-around for Heidi’s passport holds true!!