Handover Ceremony


November 6 was a big day at Musana. One of those days that you circle on the calendar, count down to, and work super hard to prepare for. All of the Musana staff were scrambling to get things ready for our big day…our official “Hand-Over” ceremony. This also happened to be the first big event that we had ever hosted.  Though the first years of Musana Camps have been rough in many ways, the Lord is slowly changing the atmosphere and attitudes of the people in our area through a persistent stand for truth and a desire to care for people.


The event was a significant step in our acceptance by the surrounding community. Events are huge here…very important parts of the culture. We have had the land title for several years now, but having this official ceremony went miles in clarifying this to the community. It also helped to again reiterate that we are here to work WITH the community, not against it!


It was a great day.  The ladies in the kitchen cooked 220 lbs of rice and peeled a lot of matooke to feed everyone!! We even slaughtered one of the camp cows for the event. A couple of our NHU board members came as well as our leadership, Jonnes and Tal.


There were approximately 300 people who came and publicly witnessed the transfer of the land title into our hands and clearly heard why we are here, namely the proclamation of Jesus Christ and challenging people to live as biblical men and women.  People (including local leaders) who have formerly been open enemies of Musana Camps attended and some even call themselves friends now.  The RDC (Resident District Commissioner, the equivalent of a state governor)  publicly appreciated our vision for training people and encouraged people to work with us.

We are rejoicing for such a successful day.  We are praying that the many good things that were said by the community members were genuine and will materialize in people’s actions, not only in their words.  We are praying that the Lord will continue opening people’s minds and hearts to His message of redemption and change for this community.  We are praying that the remaining land issues will be quickly and peacefully resolved with finality and that people will stop bringing false claims.

May God give us wisdom, discernment, patience, persistence, endurance, and love as we continue at Musana Camps.