Debriefing and Briefing


This past week we were able to get some much desired time alone so that we could have a day of quiet debriefing about the last few years. We were able to leave Malachi and Eva with their Nana (lots of fun time for them, especially since their cousin was also there!)  We are blessed by all that the Lord has done and so grateful for all of the lessons that He has been teaching us…lessons of trusting Him more, ministering from a place of rest in Him and finding our value in Him and NOT in what we are accomplishing for Him to name a few.

The second part of our trip was filled with fun get-togethers and “meetings” with NHUM staff. We (and all of Musana!) are blessed that the Dangers family (Josiah, Autum, and their 4 boys — pictured below with Karissa who will be joining them as well) are going to be “filling in” for us from January to June! So a big part of our trip was to connect with Josiah and Autum and discuss many, many things related to them being at Musana. It is incredible how the Lord worked out so many, many details to enable them to come!!  We are excited to see how the Lord will grow and change Musana through Josiah and Autum being there.