Leaving Musana

DSC_8761One of the strangest and hardest parts of our life in Uganda is to have to pick up and leave every couple of years. Don’t get us wrong…we definitely love coming back to the US and reconnecting with family and friends, and sharing about what God is doing through the ministry there. But it is a big transition to pack up and hand things over to be gone for half a year.

We were thankful for the Lord’s strength enabling Syd to finish the different things on his plate before leaving. In addition to the hours and hours of planning for the Hand-Over ceremony, October and November were filled to the brim with administrative duties for Syd. It was the time of the year for setting goals, strategic planning, budgets, etc.. On top of that was passing things off for while we are gone.   And then there are always the little surprises…like auditors showing up 4:00pm the night before we left camp, requiring Syd’s attention.  This was a planned audit but their timing could have been a bit better!! It may not sound like much, but Syd was scrambling all the way until we got on the plane! We made a mental note to not plan trips back to the states at the end of a year!!

Anyway, we were sad to say our good-byes, but grateful that the good-byes were not final! We are so thankful for the grace and healing that the Lord gives. When we left Uganda in 2011, we were broken, bruised and so, so tired. Four years later, we might be tired getting on the plane, but our hearts are full and our excitement is high for what the Lord is doing both at Musana and in our lives. We praise the Lord for His goodness!

We are so thankful for safe flights!…and for Heidi’s passport coming in on time!! We got her passport on Friday, got our tickets on Wednesday, and flew on Thursday night!   So now we are settling back into life in the states.  It has been great to see family here in ND and we will soon be headed out to see our WI family.

We are working on our schedule for the time that we are in the states and will look to get that out soon! We look forward to seeing many of you!



Malachi and Eva have enjoyed the little bit of snow that they have had since getting back.  Now they are waiting for more although Eva is sometimes not so sure about it.