We have enjoyed visiting with friends, supporters, and partnering churches these past 2 months. We are truly blessed by the group of people that the Lord has brought together to be part of this ministry. Thank you to all who partner with us!!


One fun stop was at Camp Forest Springs where we got to share with staff about what has been happening at Musana and how CFS impacted our ministry in Uganda. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL there and we enjoyed some winter sports with the kiddos. We forgot how “alive” you feel after playing out in the snow and cold. And there is nothing like being out in the middle of the woods on ski trails all alone—an amazing sanctuary to meet with the Lord!!


Now we are back in Dickinson, ND, where we have settled into a parsonage that was available through our church here. We are blown away by how the Lord provides for needs before we even think to ask for them at times. It has been rest for our souls to have our own place. We are looking forward to time as a family and time with our EBC church family.