Cabins for Kids


Have you ever believed in something so much that you are willing to do anything for that cause? It’s funny even typing that out, because the obvious answer is that for followers of Christ, we are ALL supposed to live like that! We should be daily pouring out of our lives because of all that Christ has done for us!


Well, we have been blessed to be part of New Hope Uganda and Musana Camps since 2008. When we first came, we were convinced that camp ministry could have a great impact for God’s Kingdom in Uganda. Seven years later, our convictions are still the same, strengthened by how we have seen the Lord build Musana and use it for His glory already.


In the past year, we have had quite a few inquiries for 150-250 person groups to come to the camp…but we have had to turn them down because we just don’t have adequate lodging…yet. But we are praying to see that change…and trying to do something about it! We want to see more kids come to camp and hear the life-transforming message of the gospel!!


So, mark your calendars for May 7-June 13…and start praying for Syd and Stephen Roise as they plan to pedal from Bellingham, WA on the Pacific coast to Racine, WI on Lake Michigan in our “Cabins for Kids” campaign.   It will be a long journey (as I type, Syd is on his bicycle, training for the trip!), but we are excited to do something out-of-the-ordinary to build a ministry that is in turn building the kingdom of God.


Stay tuned for more about the “Cabins for Kids” fundraiser!