Cabins for Kids – Trip Summary

C4K-5_8-5 It is now a little over a week after finishing the riding part of our Cabins for Kids fundraiser.  The whole trip was an incredible experience that I enjoyed completely, including the difficult days.  We are incredibly grateful for how it has gone and have put together a summary of the trip.  These are some of the stats and common questions that have been asked.


Dates: May 7th – June 13th
 – 31 riding days, 39 days total, we took Sundays off.

Start: Bellingham, WI

End: Racine, WI

Total distance pedaled: 2,377.4

Average miles per day: 76.6

Longest day: 118.4 miles from Oshkosh, WI to Williams Bay, WI

Shortest day: 26.7 miles from Laurel, MT to Billings, MT

Total elevation climbed: 68,118 ft

Average daily climb: 2,197 ft

Highest climb: 5,156 ft over 95.5 miles from Potomac, MT to Helena, MT

Lowest climb: 463 ft over 74.6 miles from Perham, MN to Brainerd, MN


Fundraising Goal: $166,000

Percentage of goal raised: 66.9% – $111,084.54 (as of June 19)

Though our ride is complete and we have almost raised enough funds to build 7 cabins and 1 shower house we still aim to build all 10 cabins and 2 shower houses that were in our original goal.  So, we will keep saving and raising funds until we reach that goal which will enable us to reach our ultimate goal of leading people to encounters with Christ.  If you would still like to donate please go online to and choose “Cabins for Kids – Musana Camps” under program area.


How was the weather?

Overall it was good.  We did get rained on, but only had two days where it rained on us all day.  Those two days were two of our more difficult days so we’re thankful that we didn’t have more of them.  We only ran into a thunderstorm once and were able to wait until it passed through without getting hammered. As we stood waiting to see what was going to happen with the storm, a trucker came from the direction of the storm, rolled down his window and told is there was some hail in the storm. At that point we were glad we hadn’t continued to ride into it! We had one stretch of fog when we crossed Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border but that was about all.  The one major weather factor that affected us for the majority of the trip was the wind.  We planned the trip to go from west to east to take advantage of the prevailing westerly winds.  God had other plans though, and from the beginning of the trip until the last week the prevailing winds were out of the east… mostly in our faces.  It was quite challenging and left us asking why.  We don’t know why but do know that there are many things we encounter in life that are like this.  God gives us what he has planned for us and gives us what we need to face it.  We definitely felt that he gave us just what we needed to make it through each day.  The days with headwinds definitely made us grateful for the few days that we did have tailwinds!


Were there any close calls?

One of the more sketchy times was crossing Lookout Pass on the Montana/Idaho border.  There was thick fog at the top that made it difficult to see and that combined with road construction made it dangerous, as vehicles couldn’t see us until they were almost upon us.  The one thing that helped was that speeds were very slow due to the fog and because it was almost at the top of the pass.  In the end we did walk around one of the parts of construction and made it over safely.


How was your health? (In other words… how did you sit on that little seat for so long?)

We both felt like the Lord gave us an extra measure of grace during this trip and are incredibly grateful for how it ended in physical terms.  We were both healthy and safe throughout the trip.  Neither of us got sick or had any injuries.  We both were sore at different times but that was to be expected and the stiffness and soreness that we did experience was never so much that we were in agony when getting on our bikes the next morning.  We will both testify to the dramatic difference that having a bike that is properly fit to your individual body makes.  It makes the seats not so bad.


What was the best part?

I really enjoyed the exercise, seeing all of the different landscapes as we rode through, and meeting so many people along the way. (Syd)


For me riding bike through some areas that I have driven many times in a car was a fun experience. The challenge of riding in many different conditions and on many different roads was a great experience. One of the best parts of the ride for me was meeting so many people along the way, and enjoying the wonderful hospitality of our host families at the end of hard days of riding.

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What was the hardest part?

Battling headwinds was easily the hardest. They can be demoralizing because you never know if or when they will end. I would rather climb a mountain than fight a headwind. (Syd)


Definitely agree with Syd, the winds in our face was the hardest part of the ride. The mountains were not as hard as a long day against the wind. (Stephen)


What kept you going?

Knowing that the miles that we were riding were immediately being translated into cabins constructed since the crews at Musana were already building the first two cabins as we rode. (Syd)


Knowing our goals, both the goal for the day and the ultimate goal of building cabins helped us to keep going and to take one day at a time. We were definitely energized by seeing pictures of the cabins that were already under construction, and news of new donations coming in renewed our sense of purpose and that we were riding for a much bigger purpose. (Stephen)


What kind of wildlife did you see?

Birds, turtles, antelope, deer, bobcat, camel, snakes, deer


Would you do it again?

Absolutely (Syd)


Yep, I sure would! (Stephen)


Trip Highlights: 


  1. Finishing all 2,377.4 miles!
  2. Staying safe and healthy throughout the trip.
  3. Feeling the waves of Lake Michigan on our feet!
  4. Crossing the $100,000 mark in fundraising on our last day of the ride!
  5. Experiencing wonderful hospitality from fellow Christians across the country.
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