At Home

The kids have been very excited to be back home.   A family from Kasana was visiting a while back and some of their boys were asking Malachi and Eva where they were “really” from. It was cute to see the puzzled look on their faces…to them, they are “really” from Uganda!

They have each transitioned well, although Heidi hasn’t been too excited to meet so many new people!  She is slowly getting used to living back in community though.  Heidi is walking around now and trying to talk more and more.  The whole time I have been typing right now she has been babbling on as she talks on her “phone”.  She absolutely LOVES our dog, Bambino (and he kindly puts up with her) and she really enjoys playing with her friend Caroline who comes each day while her mom helps us with our wash.


Malachi has loved being back with his best friend, John.  Rarely a day goes past that he is not asking to go play with him.  They love running around with sticks, swords, rifles, saving people from snakes or whatever else might be creating danger.  Malachi still loves Saturdays when he gets to work with Syd around the house and yard.

Eva is usually the kind peacemaker.  She loves other kids and will play with anyone, wanting to make sure that people are included.  She was excited to turn 4 because in her mind, that equated with learning to read.  I’ve tried to oblige her, but we’ve been pretty busy since her birthday, so she is waiting for her reading lessons to resume.DSC_0778