Camp Programs

DSC_1385Throughout the last several months, we have had a handful of groups coming for retreats or camps.  The highlights of those camps have been the 2 ROPES camps that we have run for students from Kasana.  The first camp was for P7’s, which would be equivalent to junior high students.  Syd’s sister Keisha came to help with one of the parts of the program–we had all of the girls make a piece of pottery as a symbolic way of remembering all that they had learned about being a godly young woman.

When the S4’s (equivalent to 11th graders) came the next week, we enjoyed tweaking the program to make it better for the older students.  It was exciting to see them processing through what they were learning and we continue to pray that they will be making the daily choice to step into adulthood as men and women after God’s own heart, transforming their generation.

IMG_2806It was great being involved with facilitating some of the activities.  I in particular had not led a challenge course element since my CFS days, almost 10 years ago!  It was great to be able to do that with the ladies.  I even got to teach pottery (thanks to a crash course from Keisha!!).  I absolutely LOVE all of the parallels with the clay and Potter in scripture.  Each part of the process of working with clay has significant lessons that apply to our lives!  Syd and Medie worked together to lead much of the program, including an all day hike with rappelling from a cliff thrown in.  There were lots of teachable moments and experiences to debrief.  We were all tired but happy with how things had gone at the end.