The Long Road Home

IMG_0128On July 1 we arrived at Denver International Airport to begin our long journey back to Uganda with a team from Baker, Montana. Little did we know that a broken part on our airplane would cause us a 27 hour delay!! Thanks to Syd, the team leader, Reba, and our amazing friend and travel agent, Pam, all 16 of us (and each of our 35+ bags!!) safely arrived in Entebbe on July 4. Despite the set-back, we had a fun bonding experience with the other team members and British Airways kindly took care of all of our lodging and food. They even paid for us to store our bags in excess baggage! The kids did amazingly well with all of the long waits in airports, mostly thanks to the great team members and Aunt Keisha!! We were excited to finally arrive safe and sound in Uganda. The next day we traveled back to Musana. As we neared the gate, we saw a gathering of people there. The Musana staff had formed a welcome party to finish off the C4K bike trip! Medi and Mwanje were the bikers complete with a hollowed out pumpkin for a helmet!2015-07-05 17.28.28

2015-07-05 17.08.19