There are many times that we feel that the main reason that the Lord has us here at Musana is to mold us like a potter…to slowly chisel away our rough spots, break us, remold us, all to become more like Him. We definitely are not the most qualified for the job, but God chooses weak, broken vessels so that His light and glory can shine through!

Since returning, there have been a number of hard things weighing on our hearts, but we know that our God is sovereign over all, and we keep trusting Him to put pieces together that we don’t possibly see how they could fit.

It’s been exciting to see how the Lord used Josiah and Autum Dangers and family while we were gone. We are grateful for their perspective and input in leading this place, and so thankful that they chose to come for 6 months! We’ve been excited to see how the church has even grown. This past Sunday there were about 40 adults (half of which are camp staff) and 60+ kids–our dining hall was full! As you think of it, please pray for people to be changed by God’s truth. We are currently teaching through the storyline of the Bible, showing how the whole of God’s Word is pointing to Christ.

DSC_0443We are excited for camps that are coming up next week and looking forward to how the Lord continues to grow this place (and us!!) these next several years.