We enjoyed a very nice Christmas at Musana this year.  We were blessed with time off to be together as a family which was especially nice with Keisha around.  After our annual staff Christmas party, whatever staff were remaining filled up basins with different food items and delivered them to people in our surrounding community.  That same night, Syd went with Mwanje to show the Jesus film down in the fishing village.  We had church on Christmas morning, and I estimated that about 215 people were in attendance…probably 85-90% being children!  After the service, some of the kids came over to play in our yard which Malachi in particular was thrilled about…he loves playing football/soccer with them!  He said that was his favorite part of Christmas!

A couple of days later we enjoyed having a bonfire and watching The Nativity.  We always love watching that film; although it is not completely accurate, it so beautifully captures the wonder of such an amazing, incredible triumphant point in history happening in such humble circumstances.DSC_2128

Christmas was topped off by picking up Syd’s Dad for a month-long visit at the beginning of January!  We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our King, and we pray that you are blessed in this new year!