At the end of November, we had the privilege of attending Keisha’s graduation from New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family at Kasana. It was combined with graduation for the Pastoral Training Institute, a new ministry of New Hope in the last several years.  It was exciting to hear the testimonies of students who had been transformed by God’s Word through the teaching in the courses…even one couple whose failing marriage had been “saved”.  It was exciting that Keisha got the chance to go through this dynamic course. They were making jokes at the graduation that they are going to rename the course “Heart Surgery” or something along that lines.  It truly is an amazing school for hearts being transformed by God’s Word.

Anyway, we are really enjoying having her with us at home now. It is especially fun at Christmas to have a family member here! Here is a picture of a sweet painting that Keisha just did! Anyone want to hire her to paint a project for them? 😀