ROPES Meetings

Little by little we are seeing our ROPES program take shape. Syd has had the chance to share about the program with 3 different schools and they are very excited about getting their youth involved with the program. A few weeks ago, we had 5 Kenyans visiting from the African Christian Camping board. They came to survey our site and start making plans about the ACC conference that will be held here in September. A great side benefit was that one of the board members is part of the leadership of the ROPES program in Kenya. It was great to be able to ask him more questions and get more insight into how things should move forward as we keep getting closer to fully launching the program. (As a side note for explanation, we have already run some ROPES camps, but the complete program is a one-year class with the camp as the capstone experience). Please pray for us and the leaders of ROPES in Kenya as we figure out how to best launch the program in Uganda, making the changes that are necessary to contextualize it to our framework.