We recently held ROPES camp for 2 small Christian schools from Kampala.  It was a busy week full of teachable moments, challenging experiences with times of debriefing, and impacting Bible teaching on topics pertinent to the students’ lives.

We loved seeing the transformation from the first day until the last.  On the first day, many had bad attitudes and were not sure why they were at Musana, and definitely did not want to stay!  But by the end of the week, I think that I can say that the Lord had worked in each person’s heart to change their thinking.  How amazing to see the Word of the Lord transform like that!!

It was great to have the parents come out for the last day/night, as they called their sons and daughters into manhood and womanhood.  Some of the parents commented that THEY wanted to come back at some point and go through a ROPES camp themselves J

We pray that the changes will stick and they will continue thinking back on lessons learned this week to help them navigate adulthood.

Thanks for the many who stood with us in prayer!  It was exciting to see the Lord working, and we look forward to having more camps like this in the future!