Since February, we have been busy with school around here.  I know there are many amazing moms who homeschool 5 or 6 kids at a go; but I’m struggling with 2!!  I am enjoying it, but finding the days rushing by with little time for anything else.  It’s fun to see the differences in our kids—Malachi loves science, math, and anything hands-on while Eva is happy to sit and try to read words and practice her writing.  And Heidi loves joining in the mix by “drawing” on her papers (pay-pee as she calls it).  The hands-down favorite of everyone though is still when we sit down to read together.

This year, we tried something new at Musana—we started a “one-room schoolhouse” for staff kids.  Many of the security guards were going to enroll their children, but in the end, it’s only one full-time student, and several part-time students, 2 of them being our kids.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Malachi and Eva head over to the campsite from 8-10am for Luganda lessons.  It’s fun to hear them starting to speak more and more Luganda around home.  I’m thankful for them getting to learn under another teacher in a classroom setting as well.  And Heidi and I enjoy a little bit of quiet together those mornings!