A Little Bit of Home

DSC_3290At the end of May, Hannah, from our home church in WI, and Pastor Ron, from our home church in ND were both here for visits.  Hannah had come for almost 2 months in 2014 after Heidi was born, so she was happy to be back and reconnect with staff and community people.  She helped out at camp in various ways and helped with some community outreach.

Pastor Ron was able to come for a weekend in the middle of a busy trip of helping with pastoral training at Kobwin and Kasana.  He blessed us by preaching on Sunday, also leading our little church in communion.  One of the men attending church that day professes to be a Muslim.  It was great that he was able to hear such a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Much more than preaching, we were blessed by Ron’s friendship and spiritual encouragement.  I came down sick right before he came, so I missed out on a lot of the visit, but Syd enjoyed lots of great conversation…and I even got to sleep in one morning while he made pancakes and Syd took care of the kids!  Thanks EBC for sending him!!  And thanks Calvary for sending Hannah!