Kobwin at Last!

DSC_3293 At the end of May, we were excited to finally visit Kobwin Children’s Center, NHU’s other children’s center in central east Uganda.  Kobwin’s doors opened in 2010, taking in around 20 older children that had formerly been abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Syd had visited in 2008 as they were constructing the place, but since then, we had never been there.

Anyway, we drove the 6 hours from camp with the Kanyikes.  Medi and Syd were joining other NHU staff members for some meetings.  It was great to reconnect with Kobwin staff in their home setting, and to be able to see what the Lord has done there.  Malachi and Eva had a blast playing with kids on the huge rocks that are at Kobwin.  And they got to taste attapa for the first time, a somewhat slimy starch made from ground-up millet.  The only bummer of the trip was that I, Andrea, was pretty miserably sick the majority of the time.  So we look forward to going back sometime when we can enjoy the visit a little bit more!DSC_3294