ACC Conference

acc-groupFrom September 5-10, Musana was bursting at the seams while hosting the African Christian Camping Conference.  We hosted 120 participants plus another 40 staff and volunteers.  This is the most people that we have ever had at the camp for an overnight camp.  It was exciting to see Christian youth leaders enjoying and encouraging each other, learning from activities, and being challenged through the sessions.  It was exciting seeing people from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, USA, Canada, and even New Zealand being unified through our bond in Christ and love for youth and camping ministry.




In the weeks and months leading up to the conference, there were many people that came together to finish a myriad of projects.  We were so blessed to see how the Lord brought people at just the right time.  Out of our construction staff, the Jack
sons were still on furlough in the states, Baguma Moses was away on weekends for school, and KB Blank ended up in the states for 5 ½ weeks while he recovered from an unusual sickness.


The Lord was orchestrating each detail though!  Wayne Craig and his daughter Kelsi from ND extended their time at Musana in order to help fix the skid loader (enabling us to continue working on the SS shelter plus finishing several landscaping projects) and to put in doors for cabins #5,6,7,8.  Another missionary family, Russell and Kelsi Cochran and their 4 girls, came from Kasana for a total of 2 weeks to work with another contractor, Jonah, from Kasana to put in all of the bunks in cabins #5-8.  We had another friend of the ministry, Mubui, from Kenya, volunteer for over a week, doing painting and other projects.  Baguma was working early mornings and late evenings trying to finish things, and KB arrived back to Musana a week before the conference.  After resting for several days, he was able to help with a few last minute details before the conference.  In the end, the group delayed reaching camp on the first day of the conference, giving us the last few hours needed to put the finishing touches on the cabins!  Phew!  The other project that was being constructed during this time was the Sunday School/Game shelter.  It was great to have the initial phase of it done.  It was used as a dining hall for this particular camp so that we could use the usual dining hall as strictly a meeting hall during the conference.



Thank you to the many who prayed with us for this event and all of the build-up to it.  How thankful we are for the Lord’s help and guidance each step of the way.  We could see His grace giving us just what we needed for each moment, each day.