Forest Springs at Musana



It’s been 9 years since Syd and I left Forest Springs (the camp that we met at), to prepare to come to Uganda.  We have enjoyed going back for visits over the years, and have even had a couple of friends from the camp come to volunteer a couple of years ago.



In September, we were very excited to welcome a long-awaited visitor, Norm, Syd’s former supervisor, mentor, and friend.  Norm is currently the director of the LTD program, the camp training program that Medi and Eva  joined this year.  It was exciting to share with him the place that was birthed on paper during Syd’s LTD year.  He was a huge help during the ACC conference and the Lord’s timing was perfect in having him here right before the Kanikyes joined him for the LTD program.


He brought with him 4 LTD students from last year that are serving here at Musana until the end of November.  It has been so much fun having Nick, Brittnae, Moriah, and Corey here.  Their help is wonderful during these few months while we are busy with groups and short-staffed!  We are thankful for the Lord’s provision!!ltd